Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

The city where all this is going down.
Famous for its scenic areas and tourism, the massive statue of Christ the Redeemer, the cable cars to the morros that rise out of the ocean, and for its rather liberal views that have made it a haven to outcasts of all kind.

But all this hides a darker side. Rio is a city where violent crime is at a dangerous high, where, civil and military police both fight an all out war on gangs and crime lords that cease rundown parts of the city for drug smuggling and human trafficking.

And, beneath that, there are Red Court vampires prowling the streets, secret Orders of monks fighting a tireless and dogmatic crusade against dark powers, a myriad of strange creatures and supernaturally gifted humans both native and foreign to the land, and underneath it all something dark and terrible held back by faith alone.

Supernatural Status Quo:
The Faithful hold the city. A great many individual supernatural creatures prowl the streets, having come from far and wide, but for centuries the supernatural have been controlled by the Society of Jesus and, more specifically, the Order of the Flaming Heart of Xavier (named for St. Francisco de Jasso y Azpilicueta, one of the first seven Jesuits, and Portuguese) have kept the worst of the supernatural out, or at least weak, in the city.

Mundane Status Quo:
Bustling trade, manufacturing and tourist city. Problems with wealth gaps can be quite bad and very violent at times, but most of the problems are contained in the worst parts of town, where most people don’t have to worry about it.

Themes and Threats

Rio de Janeiro

Faith and Looting in Rio de Janeiro Neraz